Mendoza 2004 Fashion Show (Agustina Cordova in lingerie and more !)

A fashion show from 2004 with many top models in their career beginnings. Agustina Cordova, Luli Fernandez, Laura Giovanetti (busty!), Carina Monteleone, Grisel Perez Ponce, Katya Fuks, Lorena Ceriscioli, Pia Slapka, Soledad Solaro and many more. The girls show sexy lingerie, bikini, see through and a segment with no bra (just covering her breasts with their hands !).
Un desfile en Mendoza (Palmares 2004) donde además de disfrutar las modelos en bikini y lencería, pueden ver algunas chicas que recién empezaban (Luli Fernandez, Agus Cordova, Giovanetti, Monteleone…).

Latina model Agustina Cordova black bra video Busty Laura Giovanetti white lingerie
Laura Giovanetti half naked sweet face blonde almost oops

Agsutina Cordova black lingerie at backstage hot ass close up video Agustina Cordova tits in lingerie perfect body in lingerie
latina hips in black thong Busty laura Giovanetti white bra Carina Monteleone hot hips in bikini
Grisel Perez Ponce bikini Lorena Ceriscioli oily hot legs Lorena Ceriscioli bikini
ass in backstage Agustina Cordova flower bra big tits model almost nude
Laura Giovanetti topless covered with hands Laura Giovanetti white thong video Carina Monteleone backstage video
Katya Fuks pink bikini Laura Giovanetti busty cleavage Carina Monteleone hot miniskirt
nipples see through Soledad Solaro cleavage hot cleavage baby face model Luli Fernandez white lingerie
Luli Fernandez ass in white thong thin blonde bikini Lorena Ceriscioli nipple poke open jacket brunette


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